HiRide turns unused cieling space into both a revenue stream and attraction

Positioned within atriums or other expansive ceilings, from food courts to general walkways, the HiRide occupies virtually unused, unrentable space creating a new revenue whilst not detracting from current rental opportunities.

With a required minimum ceiling height of 8m and a maximum height of over 30m, the HiRide concept is both exciting and accessible to all with a participant age range of 7 to 70!  The appeal of safe, accessible, extreme adventure is evident by large participation numbers and an even larger increase in footfall numbers to the public area it occupies.

Adaptable to suit most structural environments the HiRide can be installed on normally one looped track of 80 meters to in excess of 200 meters where space will allow.

Each design is unique to the owners requirements with obstacles designed and created in various guises, materials, fabric and colour.  This allows the HiRide to complement the design and architecture of the space or create a bespoke theme or visualisation for business or product links.

Generally designed as an indoor suspended installation however a supportimg frame can be designed for both outdoor venues and indoor spaces where ceiling support is not suitable.

SUITABILITY: age 7+, (participants should be comfortable with heights)
PHYSICALITY: 3 out of 5
PARTICIPANTS PER HOUR: 30+ (depending on track length)

Real adventure, real fun, real exciting.
Come and join the extreme adventure.