HiFall – Free Fall

The free fall device gives jumpers a thrilling free fall experience before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. HiFall can be set up for free fall jumps that range from gentle to extreme. The wide range of mounting heights and allowable participant weights make HiFall a great free fall element for ropes courses, challenge courses, family entertainment centres, or any attraction looking to add extra “wow” factor.

HiFall can be operated by simply stepping off an accessible high level or can be designed to hoist customers up from the ground level before the free fall experience occurs.

The HiFall product allows for rapid turnover of participants and in some situations can accommodate up to 60 participants per hour. With a relatively modest capital investment this provides a high return in a short period of time. It can be used as a standalone element or for fun descent as the final element of a ropes course or HiRide.

Real adventure, real fun, real exciting.
Come and join the extreme adventure.