Turns corners, swoop high, low and then high again on your personal rollercoaster

The HiGlide takes the same track technology as used in the HiRide however forgoes the suspended obstacles for a gradually descending sweeping track of curves, inclines and dips!

Participants are attached to the track via a unique trolley which effortlesly glides through the series of twists and turns the track has in store.  Like zip lines the HiGlide is gravity fed so no need for power reducing both installation and operational costs. Tracks are bespoke and designed to fit within the desitred environment be it indoor or outdoors. Existing high start points are desireable however access towers can be deisgned to provide regulated and building standard approved stairways.

HiGlide is a good option for large expansive environments or unique narrow atriums.  Additionally as there are no obstacles HiGlide is more suitable than HiRide for roof strctures where installation weight limits are a concern.

SUITABILITY: age 7+, (participants should be comfortable with heights)
PHYSICALITY: 2 out of 5
PARTICIPANTS PER HOUR: 60+ (depending on track length)

Real adventure, real fun, real exciting.
Come and join the extreme adventure.