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Can I Take Part?

You don’t have to be fit, as the activity is physical but not difficult, although a good level of health is required (please refer to the medical conditions of our terms and conditions section for more information). Remember that the HiRide® is an aerial adventure course so a head for heights is required as most of our venues are over 10m high.

How difficult is it?

HiRide® is a challenge but it’s not as difficult as a beginners climbing wall. Balance is more important than physical strength . There is always an instructor on hand to help you if needed.

What if I’m afraid of heights?

You’re not alone but we can help you overcome this. Once we explain all the safety equipment involved and show you how easy and safe it is to HiRide®, you’ll be off in no time. If you’re still not convinced, why not visit a site and speak to one of our team prior to booking.

What if I get scared whilst on it?

You should be scared a little bit, it’s part of the adventure! Don’t worry though as there is always a friendly team member to help you around, or get you off quickly if you need to.

How safe is it?

Very safe! Every HiRide® user wears a full body harness and is connected to the track via a rope and unique trolley system that is strong enough to hang an elephant from! The system is also designed to ensure that users cannot detach themselves from the track until they are back on firm footing at the finish. Every Climbing Wall user wears a waist harness and is connected to a TruBlue – the industries leading auto belay system.

How do I know if I‘m fit enough to do it?

Only a general level of fitness is required, but if you get out of breath walking up a set of stairs then maybe Aerial Adventures is not for you. You will need to let us know if you suffer from any medical conditions that may cause an issue when you are at height e.g. epilepsy, heart conditions, diabetes etc.

Do I have to book in advance if so how?

Booking in advance is advisable as it will allow you the best opportunity to get the session times you want. Bookings can be made at any time or place on the Internet via PC, tablet computer or mobile phone . You can also book at the venue itself. Unfortunately telephone and e-mail bookings can not be accepted.

How do I pay?

Online in advance by either credit, debit card or PayPal account. You can also pay by the same method or cash at the venue through the reception team. We also accept East Kilbride Shopping Centre Gift Cards.

What time do I need to arrive before my session?

Arriving at least 5 minutes before the time of your booking is advisable. Since our reception is behind the ice rink and climbing wall it may take longer than you think to get to us. It’s worth noting that the session time on your booking is when you will start getting kitted up, you won’t actually commence until roughly 5-10 minutes after this time.

How much is it?

Please click here to see the latest session prices.

How long will it take me to complete the Adventure Activities?

Your experience will last approximately one hour including kitting up and safety briefing.

Can I book for my friends / family?

Yes, you can add people to your booking but you will have to make sure they are aware of the terms and conditions. If you have a larger group or have some specific needs for your booking, please contact us.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Of course you can! We don’t provide vouchers online but you can purchase them at reception.

Do I need special clothing?

Unlike some outdoor activities you won’t get wet, dirty or bitten by bugs so you don’t need special clothing. However, since all users use a harness, everyone needs to be wearing trousers or shorts and NOT skirts or dresses. Please wear clean trainers – not boots or open toed shoes. We’ll provide both the harness and HiRide shoes and advise on the suitability of your clothing if there is any concern.


I’m pregnant, can I take part?

We don’t recommend it however, it depends on what stage you are in your pregnancy. We would advise you to contact your GP in advance of making a booking to explain the activity. Responsibility for any potential injury or harm to the expectant mother or child is that of the participant.

What if I want to cancel or amend my booking?

You can cancel or amend your booking up to 24 hours in advance of the booking time; thereafter no refunds will be given. To do this please contact us.

How can I organise a group or team building experience?

Get in touch through the group booking page and please outline the details of your group and any specific requirements you may have.

Can I have an Aerial Adventures Birthday Party?

Sure you can! Take a look at our party packages here or contact us if you’d like more information or to check availability.

Can you accommodate individuals and groups with special needs?

Yes we can. However, as no two individuals are the same please contact us through the contact page outlining details and any specific requirements you have.

Can I take a picture of myself or my friends on the activities?

All loose items, including cameras and smart phones are forbidden from the activities. However we have a Find My Face photo and video package on the HiRide® that takes your photo and a short video clip! You can purchase this at reception prior to your session. Then all you have to do is download your picture & video through the Find My Face site to post to your wall and show your friends and family.

Can I leave my kids to take part while I shop?

Children under the age of 12 will need to have parental or guardian supervision from the Cafe. However, children of 12 years old and over don’t require supervision. Proof of age may be required. An emergency name and contact number is required for children under the age of 16.. Please note that it is not the responsibility of the staff to supervise children when they are not on the ride or within the controlled area.

I’m under 16, can I self certify to take part without the need of a consenting adult?

If you are 12 or over you can self-certify to participate on all activities. An emergency name/contact number is required for children under the age of 16 and will be asked for at the time of booking. Proof of age may need to be shown to staff.

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