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Having Fun & Keeping Fit

Having Fun & Keeping Fit

If you want to be fit, you don’t have to put yourself through a session at the gym.

Head to Aerial Adventures in East Kilbride Shopping Centre for some fun exercise! You’ll discover exciting indoor games designed to give you utmost fun. And here’s the bonus – you’ll get fitter in the process. Visit the Game Gallery for a peek into the exciting games!


Climbing Walls for a Fitter Body & Sharper Mind

Climbing walls help improve stamina and aid in muscle-building. It is also one of the best ways to reduce stress, and develop focus. Apart from the exhilaration that comes from physical exertion, there is a sense of achievement after scaling the wall, which contributes to better self-esteem.

Climbing walls can be particularly beneficial for people suffering from dyspraxia. A person afflicted with dyspraxia finds realising normal physical movements and activities such as speech, highly difficult.

Climbing walls is recommended for such patients as the game environment is static, which enables them to focus and plan their physical movements with less effort. The physical involvement of limbs improves coordination, and makes them fitter.

The climbing wall is set in a spacious 260m2 area, and the attractive climbing panels promise an exhilarating climbing session and fun exercise too. Climbing routes of varying heights and difficulty levels make the game highly challenging.


Fast Zip Rope Activities for a Learner & Confident You

A session on fast zips and ropes can burn plenty of calories. As you push yourself past obstacles, you are moving out of your comfort zone and facing your fears, which translate into a newer and more confident you.

At Aerial Adventures, there is HiRide® fast zip game for participants above 7 years of age. Difficult obstacles and fast zips translate into an adrenaline-rushing experience. Complete safety is ensured through use of best game practices, safety briefing, safety harness and shoes.

Aerial Adventures has interesting fun exercise for babies and toddlers too, in the form of indoor soft play. Our indoor adventures are a great way to motivate your entire family get leaner, stronger and sharper in a fun way.

Experience our exciting way to good health!

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