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Situated on the Centre’s link bridge at the huge entrance glazing, HiClimb Adventures is 12m of suspended vertical obstacles. 8m of fun climbing walls and a giant staircase!  In a harness and safely attached to an auto belay device, see the shopping centre floor from a different perspective climbing over cargo nets, inflatable balls, rope ladders and glass panels.


 HiFall is a 12m free fall bungee experience, you control the release height meaning that you can build yourself up or go from the top. You know the saying go big or go home!

Aerial Adventures Livingston Adventure Soft Play is a three level, 5m high play structure with over 200m2 of play area, high level crawl tubes, slides, ball cannon and foam rollers to name just a few! We’ve pretty much got all your indoor play favourites but done in our unique way. There’s plenty of space for kids to climb and play in a secure, safe, air conditioned and clean environment.



Bringing the excitement of extreme adventure to a shopping centre near you, Aerial Adventures introduces a range of unique adventure activities ensuring a thrilling experience for kids and adults.

HiClimb is our unique vertical climbing challenge and HiFall provides the ultimate adrenaline boost with our free fall experience. Completely safe but totally absorbing. Aerial Adventures brings the fun of outdoor adventure into a dry, warm and secure environment with premium shops, bars and restaurants only a few steps away.


Too small for the main attractions then our indoor Adventure Play for young children is a multi level soft play experience with slides, ball pits, tunnels and even a ball cannon! Let the little ones burn off some energy while you enjoy some of the delicious drinks and snacks available at our café serving premium coffee and and your usual bistro favourites.

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