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Aerial Adventures is founded by adventure sports enthusiasts with families, and exists to bring the excitement of extreme adventure to the convenience of a shopping centre near you. 


We bring the fun, excitement and challenge of outdoor adventure activity into a dry, warm and secure environment with premium shops, bars and restaurants only a few steps away.


We mix bespoke products such as HiFall and HiClimb, along with more traditional climbing walls.


For younger adventurers our indoor Adventure Plays are a multi level soft play experience with slides, ball pits, tunnels and cargo nets. Perfect for teaching mobility and balance and a stepping stone to a life of adventure.

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products & locations

Aerial Adventures Livingston is home of HiClimb Adventures, 12m high, 10 unique climbing routes of varying obstacles and difficulty. HiFall is our bungee free fall experience and our large multi level soft play.  Complementing this is The Wintergarden Cafe, serving our activity customer sand the general public.


Aerial Adventures Livingston is Community Interest Companies (CIC).

As with all social enterprises, we are asset locked businesses with social objectives – in other words, we use any profits and assets for the public good rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders.

Where possible we look to tackle a wide range of local social and environmental issues and have freedom which allow us to be more innovative than the charitable sector in many ways.


Ultimately we need to be successful as a business however we have a greater ambition to ensure that we work for the benefit of the community. 

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Aerial Adventure Concepts is a dynamic company specialising in the design, installation and operation of unique aerial adventure games.

We can offer individual project consultancy and management of both indoor and outdoor adventure sports developments.

Aerial Adventure Concepts design, manufacture and operate commercially proven adventure concepts for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We activate sterile areas or increase spend in higher footfall locations with little or no impact on the floor level. We also offer leisure consultancy, project management, support, training and after sales options.

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